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Clean Up Bucket Monthly Collection

Wed, January 1, 2014

 2014 Clean Up Bucket Campaign: Each month you will be asked to donate one or two specific items for the buckets. You can add your items to the collection buckets at each entrance on Sunday mornings, at a team meeting, circle meeting, or any visit to the church. You will also see reminders in the Sunday morning bulletins, newsletters, or team agendas. Following is a schedule for collection:

·January-one package of 48-50 clothespins, one 100 ft clothesline or two 50 ft. clotheslines
·February-Heavy DutyTrash Bags (30-45 gallon) These often come in a 28 bag roll, but larger is fine also.
·March-One 25 oz bottle liquid disinfectant dish soap (like Dawn), 18 reusable cleaning towels (like Easy Wipes)
·April-Two pairs of latex gloves (like Playtex rubber gloves)
·May- Five scouring pads and one 12 oz bottle liquid concentrated household cleaner (like Lysol)
·June-One 6-9 oz bottle of insect repellent (pump, drops, or lotion NOT aerosol)
·July-One 50-78 oz box dry laundry detergent
·Aug-1 scrub brush and 7 sponges (any size)
·September-package of 5 dust masks

The Mission Team will buy heavy duty work gloves in bulk so that a pair can be added to each bucket.

Then, in October, a date will be announced when we will join together in mission and fellowship to pack up the buckets. They will be sent along with others collected by our Presbytery for disaster response when needed. We look forward to working with everyone on this much needed ministry project.